Hi, I'm Jannik Weyrich.

Entrepreneur and coder. I work at BRICKMAKERS. Studied at the University of Koblenz, Germany (MSc of Business and Computer Science). I'm interesed in technology, business, geography, politics, history, traveling & sports

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Work (out of date)

Some projects I worked on

FITNESSSHOPPER · A social deal site to find the best deals for fitness products. Users can submit and vote deals related to nutrition, supplements & equipment. Written in Django.

Muskelmaschine · A web app written in c# ASP.NET MVC / Web API. The app lets users follow along a customized fitness/bodybuilding plan.
Developed as clientwork at BRICKMAKERS.

fa2png · fa2png is an online generator for Font Awesome icons written with the Python framework Flask.

shakem · An Android and iOS native cross plattform app written in c# with Xamarin. Developed as clientwork at BRICKMAKERS.

Kennzeichen · First Android app I ever wrote. Now > 500,000 Downloads from Germany, Russia, India, China, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland. Very simple yet useful to a lot of people. Sold in 2014 Play Store Link

Socialfunders · Socialfunders is a crowdfunding app written with the Python framework Django empowering charity projects to collect money from enterprises.

What i use


Macbook pro retina 15", Google Pixel 3XL, Seat Tarraco (7 seats)

Most used Software

Outlook, Excel, Firefox (Manager Stuff :-D ) PyCharm (for python and web dev), Xamarin Studio (for Android and iOS dev), Sublime Text 3 + vim ( for ruby dev, server configs and basic text editing), Sourcetree (git gui), Gmail, Chrome (Android and OSX)

Cloud Services

Github, MS O365/Azure

Favourite websites

Hacker News, Zeit.de, Youtube

Other places where to find me on the web


Article from Mai 2013 about the MyApp Workshop for high school students we hosted

Article from the Rhein Zeitung about Socialfunders winning the Rhineland Palatinate Idea Contest 2012 (Mai 26th 2012)