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New Product Experiment - Pump - The no-BS Workout App - Mini Pivot - Part 2

My last two posts were about previous product experiments and about the new product experiment Pump

My buddy Philipp and I started Pump with the intention to create a friction free and easy to use workout progress tracking app.

We started the app with 3 key premises:

  1. The MVP was pretty quickly to build
  2. I have at least a little expertise/interest in the field
  3. The market seems big enough

With those basic assumptions my friend and college Philipp and I started building the MVP with the excellent Xamarin and MvvmCross after work and on weekends. We released the first versions at Jan 1st 2015.

Now 5 months later the download figures are still pretty low and we are not very confident with the feature set of the product.

Here’s what we wanted to change:

Trying to implement those features we faced two problems:

  1. Even tough we went pretty lean, we built something too big!
  2. We were not able to iterate quickly. It took to long to add cloud sync and release for iOS.

So we decided to start all over. This time much smaller feature set, with a new tech stack and with cloud sync in mind from the get go.

  1. We made clickable mockups. Please try them and give us feedback.
  2. We use Xamarin forms for cross platform capabilities from the start.
  3. Most importantly we start much smaller, with a smaller feature set

What do you think?

Please give us feedback on the mockups and what we should do differently.

I would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Leave comments here, on HN or ping me on Twitter (@jnk_wyrich)

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