Hi, I'm Jannik Weyrich.

Entrepreneur and business leader with a solid technical foundation, specializing in Product Management and Product Strategy. Currently, I work at BRICKMAKERS. My academic background includes a Master of Science in Business and Computer Science from the University of Koblenz, Germany. My interests span technology, business, geography, history, travel, and sports.

This Blog Now Runs On Github Powered By Jekyll

This site is now also part of the jekyll club. Like many, many, many folks before I also switched to jekyll today. I made the move because writing articles with my old setup was too tiresome. I wrote posts in plain html which is fine but I had to copy the whole header and footer markup over every time I made a new post. Plus I had to manually setup the folder structure.

I also thought about switching to django or wordpress, but static sites are more robust and way easier to maintain.

Jekyll sites can be hosted on GitHub’s infrastructure which means, awesome performance at zero cost.

My friend and colleague Stephan switched to Jekyll a few weeks ago and gave me some tips on how to setup the site on GitHub Pages.

Here’s a http://blitz.io load test I ran today. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the performance. My website can now handle over 400Mio requests a day at a stunning response time of 14MS. Awesome, no more holding back great articles to spare my server :-D

My website could now handle over 400Mio requests a day at a stunning response time of 14MS

Here’s the full report of the load test: https://www.blitz.io/report/9cefeda3e4c3a33e6f3ad511f33010aa

You can find the source code of this website in my GitHub repo.