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On Business Ideas

Since more than 3 years I’m constantly thinking about new business ideas. To me the most important part of a business idea is the execution. Meaning the steps necessary to transform the business idea into a real thing which is eventually making money. Since within the last 3 years I didn’t really come up with an idea that made it into a successful business I feels the urge to write about it. Do something, execute on something, I don’t know… I don’t really know where this post is heading right now. But I thought it could help me clear my mind a bit by just writing down my thoughts as they flow.

The Situation

A lot of people surrounding me, physically and digitally, are thinking about new business ideas. All the time. I’m no exception to that phenomenon of constantly pondering about stuff that could change peoples lives, make things simpler, faster, more convenient, more fun, more connected, blablabla. So why is this so damn hard? A lot of people say that there are more than enough good ideas out there. But I don’t agree with that. People who claim that there are many good ideas out there either never went through the execution process themselves or were successful doing it.

To me one of the hardest things of finding a good business idea is really coming up with the idea in the fist place.

Validating the idea and executing is hard, but that are things I’m confident I can work out. I’m skilled enough at back end programming, server administration, databases and front end development to handle the product side (at least at an early product stage) plus I have friends who help me out with problems I get stuck with. I’m also not afraid to talk to people and sell a product. That’s if I’m 100% confident with what Is selling.

A Solution!?

Maybe it would be cool for me to connect with people with good ideas but lack the ability/skill-set to execute the idea on their own.

I guess that’s what I’m going to do. So if you’ve got any good ideas which have the chance of being executed or at least validated at a bootstrap scale please drop me a line on Twitter (@jnk_wyrch). I’d love to discuss new ideas! :)

‐ Jannik

Getting back into the real world now. Going to explore Hamburg tonight.